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  • Off-Site BACKUP

    There are many backup solutions available.

    At the end of the day online backup solutions are about reducing risk. Risk of losing vital business data, risk of getting files corrupted, risk of going out of business altogether due to a catastrophic failure. If a customer is going to spend the least amount possible then they will get the very least amount of protection. This is a basic truth. 


    Our backup solutions are:

    Image Level Backup

    CBS Fully Managed Image Backup & Replication provides multiple backup options designed to meet your needs and ensure the fastest, most efficient backups possible, for virtual, physical and cloud-based workloads. With 2-in-1: backup and replication, you can replicate both on- site for high Availability and off site for disaster recovery. These features and more, combine to help you avoid data loss and maintain Availability by enabling low recovery point objectives and streamlined disaster recovery. 

    This solution replicates an entire server or workstation and can restore individual files or a whole entire server or workstation quickly into another piece of hardware in a disaster situation, and can save your company lots of money in productivity loss

    File Level Backup

    CBS Fully Managed File Level Backup provides you the ability to back up the files or folders you choose. It can replicate both on- site for high Availability and off site for disaster recovery. 

    The features included are the ability to effectively and efficiently backup Microsoft SQL and Exchange servers, which is one the most sought-after requirements in a backup solution. in addition, you get the ability to encrypt, compress and de-duplicate files, which provides data security, reduces your bandwidth traffic usage and efficiently cleans up any duplicated files before moving them.

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